Our Services

Restoration and Repairs

Whether your car bodywork is made of fibre glass, carbon fibre, steel or aluminium we are able to provide a complete restoration service. Everything is available, from localised chipped paint repairs to full colour change re-sprays, through to a full nut and bolt body off restoration. This includes everyday cars to concourse show winners.


There are many standard modifications or even a desire to return a vehicle to its original design.  The picture above is showing the upgrade we did on the front lights to a TVR Chimera which improves both visibility and safety by using modern Lupo kit. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Insurance Work

As an insured driver you are entitled to choose who repairs your vehicle! We can provide collection, delivery and secure storage. We can even take over the day to day communications with your insurer for peace of mind.

Ceramic Coating

Why not ensure your newly finished paintwork is further protected from environmental wear and tear. Ceramic coating will reduce paintwork maintenance, ensure your vehicle looks it’s best for longer between washes and provides a high gloss finish. The TVR Cerbera Speed 12 above won “best in class” at the 2014 Goodwood Concours D’elegance Cartier Style et Luxe and is now further protected with ceramic coating from our trusted partner.

Accessories Sales

We stock a range of car cleaning and detailing products together with batteries. We also provide a complete set of restoration and repair products together with the relevant PPE required to use the products safely.